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How to configure your iPad with the Visitor Registration System

iPad setup

A. Provide firewall/Wi-Fi access


Please provide wireless access for the iPad and have the usernameand password handy.Also allow to have access through your firewall (or restrictions you have in place). This will allow you to access the data on your admin web page.


B. Download the VRS App from the iTunes Store


1. Launch the App Store by touching the icon on the iPad’s screen.

2. To find the VRS App, type “VRS” in the search bar on the upper right corner. Then touch the search key on the on-screen keyboard.

3. Touch the FREE button. When you touch this button, it will change to a green INSTALL button

4. When you touch the INSTALL button, you will be prompted to sign in using an Apple ID. Tap Create New Apple ID (if you don’t have one)

5. Follow the onscreen prompts and create your iTunes account

6. Once you have set up your account successfully, return to the App Store and re-enter your password.

7. The download of the VRS App should start. The App will appear on your iPad’s home screen.


C. Setup Guided Access


Guided Access settings limit the iPad to a single App and disables the hardware buttons.


1. In the Home screen , tap 'Settings'

2. Tap General then Accessibility

3. Tap Guided Access

4. Slide Guided Access on

5. Return to the home screen and open the VRS App

6. Triple-click the home button. Guided Access is now enabled


D. Turn off keyboard auto-correction


This setting is disabled to protect the privacy of users who have previously registered, by not allowing names and details to pop up as suggestions as a new user enters their details.


1. Go into your iPad’s Settings via the icon that looks like gears turning

2. Next, choose General from the left-side menu

3. Open the keyboard settings by scrolling down until you see the Keyboard option and tapping on it

4. Simply slide the button from On to Off


E. Turn off keyboard Auto-Lock


This setting is disabled to ensure that the screen never goes to sleep.


1. Go into your IPad’s Settings via the icon that looks like gears turning

2. Next, choose General from the left-side menu

3. Open the Auto-Lock settings by tapping on the Auto-Lock option

4. Tap on Never


F.  Turn on iPad Camera (iOS8)


 To use the camera function in the VRS it needs to be turned on in the iPad’s VRS App Settings


1. In the home screen, tap Settings

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and on the left hand side, select VRS

3. Ensure camera access is turned on

Wi-Fi dropout help guide


If you get the message 'An error has occured. Please try again latter' when using the VRS App It most likely means your Wi-Fi has dropped out. If your IPad is setup to use guided access.


1. Triple-click the home button to get out of the VRS App and to the home screen

2. On the Home screen, tap Settings

3. Tap Wi-Fi if nothing is listed directly under the green slide button.  Then your Wi-Fi connection has been lost

4. If your Wi-Fi network is working for the other devices, slide the green button off and on again, so your IPad will re-connect to the Wi-Fi network

5. Re-launch the VRS App and you are ready to go

6. If the error re-occurs, try restarting the IPad, then repeat steps 2-5


Another cause might be that the website is being blocked by your server firewall.  Please ensure that is whitelisted.


This can be checked by the Safari browser on the IPad to surf to the website. If you are unable to connect to this url, then whitelisting it in your server setting may resolve the issue and enable data to be sent to the Cloud from the IPad.

Using 'Guided Access'

Guided access

How to restart the VRS App when using Guided Access when guided access is enabled on the IPad. 


1. Triple-click the home button

2. A reduced screen will now come up. Hit End

3. Click the home button once – this closes the VRS App

4. You are taken to the home screen where you can re-open VRS App

5. To re-enable Guided Access, triple-click the home button.


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