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Easy To Use

Simple to navigate and user friendly, visitor self registration has never been so easy.


Customise & Manage

- Collect the information you need for each visitor

- Search your database, by date, by visitor or by any field

- Add your logo


Case of Emergency

VRS contains the important visitor information in the event of an emergency building evacuation. Emergency services will ask for a head count of visitors to ensure all are present and accounted for. VRS makes providing an accurate head count of your visitors very easy.


Real-time Web-Based Storage

All VRS visitor information is stored to an offsite cloud based system, so in the event of an emergency evacuation, all visitor information is available at any time using a web browser from any device connected to the internet.



No need to gather your hand written registration books or even the iPad. VRS has a suite of reports available such as details of your visitor, what time they visited, how long they were on site, who they were visiting and a photo of the visitor.


Protect Privacy

Having visitor information for everyone to see may be troublesome. With VRS, visitors only see their own information.


Signature and, or Photo Capture

The iPad's built-in camera now has the option of taking a photo of each of your visitors. Using your finger, VRS can capture your visitor's signature electronically.


Visitor Agreements

During visitor registration, you have the option of displaying your access-to-premises agreement which must be accepted to gain access.



Use your own pre-numbered badges or we can supply custom designed badges and lanyards for your organisation.

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